Thursday, September 15, 2011

Irresistible Destiny:Chapter 10 - Abyss

An object does not exist until and unless it is observed. – William Burroughs

For Savage's Hide and Drink Edward

The blood blossom flowers
At the fragile girl's throat
The vampire leans down
Holding her imprisoned supine form
His mouth open
His lips caressing
Silken skin suckling
Plumbing pulsing each precise
Throbbing into him
Drinking and calming his frenzy
Then his venom seals her wound.
Saving her for yet
Another day
Another night
Another time


We are walking up the stairs to the fourth floor. The lift is broken. At the first landing I take off my shoes. As I walk up to the second landing I am unbuttoning my blouse and as I keep going up and up I am unzipping my skirt. Luckily I have no bra and panties on so I walk in the door and everything drops off and I am standing there in my socks. I turn around to Edward and he is just standing there in astonishment. I grab his pants and begin to unzip, but something is caught and I can't.

"Take them off! Take them off!" I scream at him. "Hurry, take them off" and he does. As his pants loosen I pull them down, go down on my knees and take him in my mouth. He grabs my hair but I am so violent he grabs the chair instead to steady himself.

I don't wrap my lips around him, I don't suckle him or suck him, I just open my throat and I don't even swallow him. My throat just opens and he slides down my throat and my throat muscles close around him and pull him deeper. My teeth are trying not to bite him but they want to. I begin to milk him with my throat.

He looks at me in horror. He tries to pull out but he can't. I threaten him with my teeth. I will bite him in half, shred him if he continues. He's mine, mine, all mine and I want him exactly where he is right now. I will not allow him to pull out of my mouth and throat.

"Stop Bella, please stop. Now. Before it's too late. Please, please."

Not a chance I say to myself.

And then he hits me hard across the face and in my pain and utter surprise, I gasp and he is gone. I scream at him, go after him, He pushes me down on the floor and crushes me with his weight. I hit him, bite, scratch, claw, kick, twist, but I cannot get away.

"NO! NO! No, don't stop me don't stop me, I have to have you I have to I have to I need you, please please please!"

"Bella, Bella, no no no, please Bella, no not this.
I know this. I know what it is.
You can't. I can't. We can't. No no no."

"Yes!" I scream. "It's all I want, all I want! I must have you like this!. I will die if I don't! Please, you don't understand! Please please please!"

"No, no, no. You don't know what you are asking. You don't know what you are starting. You don't understand this. You don't know about this. Trust me. I know about this. It's the most dangerous thing we could do.

Please just listen. Just trust me on this."

"No no no." I cry and sob. I plead. I kiss him. I beg. And he won't move off me. He won't budge an inch off me. I am pinned down in defeat. So I weep and weep for what he can't understand. He can't know how much I want him. How wonderful I will make him feel.

He can't know or he would never refuse me.

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