Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Irresistible Destiny:Chapter 4:Alterity

Twilight: Irresistible Destiny
Each individual life unfolds on two levels, in two dimensions – history and destiny – which coincide only exceptionally. Each life has its history, the history of its successive events, its twists and turns – but elsewhere, in another dimension, there is only one form, that of the absolute becoming of the same situation, which occurs for everyone in the form of an Eternal Return.(Baudrillard The Intelligence of Evil: 79)

...destiny, is divided, like thought which comes to us from the other, each is the
destiny of the other, there is no individual destiny,(Baudrillard  Impossible Exchange:84)

Chapter 4: Mine


I’ve gone mad. I heard what I just said to him. He will think I am insane. Well, I am. But how sane can he really be to take me like that. We cannot be new to each other. We must go a long way back into time. Who were we before? Where in history did we know each other before? We have always been lovers. How many hundreds of years have we been longing for each other? With that violence just now it has been way too long for either one of us.

You knew me right away,” I said.

 “I know now that I knew you just as suddenly. It could have been Egypt, or Asia, or Atlantis, Greece. You have always been my lover just as I have always been yours. Through the centuries. And through the future because now is not just now for us. We think we are meeting for the first time now, but we aren’t. And somewhere in the future our lives are mingling, Destiny is arranging for us to meet again. We have never been without each other. 

And all the between times we are always just waiting for the Other, just waiting, doing whatever it is we do in the time and place, but always just waiting for the Other. Because when we meet all else stops. Whoever we were before we meet just goes on and diverges away from who we are when we are together. We become Other as soon as Destiny arranges our meeting. And when we sit and talk to each other about this we will know how Destiny has been guiding the world so we can at last come together.

“I know all this because I have been obsessed, because I have been trying to find you but I didn’t know I was looking, searching. I have been preparing myself to know you immediately, because it is so important that we know instantly so we do not chance missing each other, so we don’t waste any more time in this life now. What we are supposed to do I do not know. We will be given signs to tell us. Like the pigeons just now. That was telling us in a startling way that we could not ignore or deny.

“Please say something. Please tell me you know this. Please reassure me I’m not alone in feeling this right now. Please.”

I’m begging him to know this. I will beg all the rest of the night in as many ways as I can imagine until I know he knows this. I will beg forever.

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