Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chapter 5:Baron Du Roy Is Outfoxed Again:Georges Du Roy and Lily BartBel Ami and House of Mirth

Whistler - Head - Symphony In White

I see Bertha Dorset leave Lily and I approach her hoping to surprise her. She turns just as I am almost to her and smiles. Did she feel me coming with an eye in the back of her head? How does she always know when I am stalking her?

I take her hand to place my lips on her palm this time, and say, “At last the evening takes on new pleasure for me since you are here. I have been waiting to see you.”

“And I was just wondering where you were this evening, just a few moments ago. You must have read my mind,” and she laughs lightly and softly.

“I want to ask you if I may engage you for the first dance this evening?”

She has turned to catch someone’s eye and then she turns back to me saying, “I am so flattered that you asked me, but I am not dancing this evening. I turned my ankle a bit today and I would like to rest it, but I see Miss Lucinda Wetherall coming this way. A lovely young girl who made her debut last year. I am sure she will more than perfectly take my place in the dance for you.”

“Lucinda, please come over here and say hello to me. I have not seen you since your  beautiful debut this past year. Please allow me to present the Baron Du Roy de Cantel from Paris. He has noticed you and is desirous of a dance partner, is not that true Baron Du Roy? Baron Du Roy, may I present Miss Lucinda Wetherall.

Curses. How did she do that!  Now I cannot do otherwise than dance with this pretty doll without seeming totally ignorant and gauche. I bow over her hand and say, “Mademoiselle Wetherall, I am most pleased to meet you. May I please have the honor of this dance?” I pray she will say no.

“Why, I would be delighted Baron. It would be an honor for me also.”

I lead her to the dance floor after I tuck her hand in my arm, and I curse Lily to the bottom pits of hell for this. 

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